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Đăng ngày 25-03-2013 01:54:16 AM - 1176 Lượt xem Mã sản phẩm: WL Series
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WL Two-circuit Limit Switch

WLM Long-life Two-circuit Limit Switch

WL Two-circuit Limit Switch / WLM Long-life Two-circuit Limit Switch


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Wide Range of Two-circuit Limit Switches; Select One for the Operating Environment/ Application

  • A wide selection of models are available, including the overtravel models with greater OT, indicator-equipped models for checking operation, low-temperature models, heat-resistant models, and corrosion-proof models.

  • Microload models are added to the product lineup.

  • Meets EN/IEC standards (only Switches with ground terminals and prewired connectors with DC specifications).

  • Switches with ground terminals and prewired connectors with DC specifications have the CE marking.

Standard Models:

A Wide Range of Models

The WL Series provides a complete range of Limit Switches with a long history of meeting user needs. Select environment-resistant specifications, actuators for essentially any workpiece, operating sensitivity matched to the workpiece, operation indicators to aid operation and maintenance, and various wiring specifications.

Environment-resistant Models:

Select from Six Types of Environment Resistance

The series includes Airtight Switches, Hermetic Switches, Heat-resistant Switches, Low-temperature Switches, Corrosion-proof switches, and Weather-proof Switches. Select the one required by the onsite environment.


Spatter-prevention Models:

Excellent Performance on Arc Welding Lines or Sites with Spattering Cutting Powder

Stainless steel and resins that resist adhesion of spatters are used to prevent troubles caused by zinc powder generated during welding.


Long-life Models:

Mechanical Endurance of 30 Million Operations Ideal for High-frequency Applications


Long life has been achieved by increasing the resistance to friction and creating better sliding properties in the head mechanism. Greater visibility is provided when setting with a fluorescent display for setting the stroke.


Features Common to All Models:

DPDB Operation

The double-pole, double-break structure ensures circuit braking.


DPDB Operation

Degree of Protection: IP67


O-rings, cover seals, and other measures provide a water-proof, drip-proof structure (IP67).


Approved Standards to Aid Export Machines


Various WL/WLM switches are approved by UL, CSA, TÜV, EN/IEC, and CCC making them ideal for export machines.


High-precision Models Available in All Switch Types; Ideal for Position Control


High-precision models achieve a very small movement to operation (approx. 5°) and a repeat accuracy that is twice that of basic models.


Operation Indicators for Easier Daily Inspections*

Operation Indicator

Confirm operation with a neon lamp or LED for easier startup confirmations and maintenance.

* Operation indicators are provided on Indicator-equipped switches, Spatter-prevention Basic Switches, and Long-life Basic Switches.


Models with Connectors to Reduce Wiring

Reduce wiring with one-touch connection. Models with direct-wired and pre-wired connectors that make Switch replacement easier are also available.


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